BLISS without RISK

BLISS without RISK (R-R) is a non-governmental non-profit organisation, established in 1992. Its legal form is association.

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Mission and goals of R-R

  • Mitigate risks affecting particularly vulnerable groups of people, namely women providing paid sexual services as well as other individuals in sex business;
  • Empower women – empower and strengthen women to set their own limits and borders during their work in sex business as well as in their private life;
  • Promote the rights of sex workers;
  • Reduce the incidence of STIs in the CR.

R-R provides

  • Registered social services (specialized social counselling, including therapeutic services – reg. no. 8423193, outreach programs – reg. no. 4441304);
  • Health care services (in particular examination for sexually transmitted infections);
  • Legal information (help to victims of crime);
  • Information connected to topics related to sex business.

Other activities of R-R

  • R-R makes an impact on legislation in the field of sex business and strives for enforcing legal regulations which would respect the rights of sex workers and would be based on their needs and interests.
  • Theatre ensemble BLISS – R-R runs a social theatre, in which clients, supporters and employees of R-R perform.
  • Sexual assistance – we promote the introduction of sexual assistance in the CR, more at
  • Research and publishing activities – we perform surveys focused i.e. on the topic of violence in sex business, attitudes of clients of R-R to legalizing prostitution etc.
  • Lectures and awareness-raising activities – we organize lectures and debates in particular on the issues related to paid sex and the topic of safer sex.
  • Public events – we offer the public HIV testing and counselling, be it in the course of special events (e.g. AIDS day) or regularly at our centres in Brno and Ceske Budejovice.

The provision of services by the R-R staff is guided by the code of conduct of R-R as well as several basic principles, which are thoroughly described on the website of R-R: the principle of respect and non-assessment, empowerment, free services, anonymity and low-threshold approach, confidentiality of information, voluntariness and self-reliance, individual approach, right to complaint and expressing one´s opinion on the services provided, work in the work environment of the target group, provision of services in the safe environment of the R-R centre, and accessibility of counselling services.

Scope of activity
Currently, R-R has three counselling centres in Prague, Brno and Ceske Budejovice. Nine outreach teams operate in twelve regions of the Czech Republic. More remote areas are serviced by R-R teams using an ambulance with a small gynaecological office. Services are also available online across the whole of CR through the online counselling service of R-R:

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